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Feb 21, 2008

Peace Symbol & V-Sign 50th anniversary - Happy Birthday in color

"Thank you, may I have another?"
And another. and another. In fact, count 'em, that's 8 altogether on Angela Hayden's, aka Art Goddess, Peace creation.

Now, some might think the above quote is from Oliver Twist, but Zoey was all over Dickens in the picture blog below. The above is actually from Animal House.

And it sure has been an Animal House around these parts-in my world-planning for the next Peace ride and here at the OMPS portal.

As February comes to a close, Zoey has a plan. She says:

"As of today we have 8 days to get 320 new members to hit that 2,000 mark, and what...maybe 300 photos to hit the 5,000 mark.
For a non-numbers kinda gal, I am a little focussed on those..."

Help her out. I say, Yes, we would love another. And another.

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