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Feb 21, 2008

"mo' please, sir"

I'm thinking Oliver Twist holding up his gruel bowl to Fagen...

I don't remember what Fagen did...I'm assuming he sneered and snarled and violently hit the bowl out of Oliver's li'l hand with the back of his gnarly, warty paw.

It's the opposite here on OMPS...we ask folks for peace, then we ask 'em for more, and you all just keep on giving, and passing it on, and then sending some more.

I hope each and every one of you will consider yourselves THANKED! We're thrilled...and we're going to keep on keeping on, one photo at a time :) So Thank You, and "God Bless Us All, Everyone"...oops...that was Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol" wasn't it...I'm getting my little musical waif boys mixed up...

Oh well...Peace!
zoey et al

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