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Feb 21, 2008

Utopia on a Wall

utopia on a wall
Originally uploaded by Che66
On a wall? Really? What wall? A wall in NY? In someone's home?

All I know about this pic is I am sipping coffee, wishing I could look over and see it on my wall. I think I would raise my cup to it actually.

I guess this one caught my eye...not just because of the idea of world peace...but because I spent the past few days watching Long Way Round. You know, that movie where Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman actually drive their motorcycles around the world...and Ewan even has a Peace sign sticker on his bike...
Anyhow, now I know this dove is flying at least 20,000 miles.

Go Dove, GO.

Peace is tireless work, but it's not futile. It takes great faith and consistent effort, but Peace happens. With the amount of photos already generated here in just 7 weeks, I would say Peace is all over the globe!

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