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Feb 6, 2008


Peace!, originally uploaded by Jensje.

Oh what the heck...what's a little exhibitionist fun in the name of Peace?
We notice that Mr. Man in the T isn't flaunting for the cause tho :)

Pull up your shirt and pass it on!

'ONE MILLION' Peace Signs

'ONE MILLION' Peace Signs
Originally uploaded by Hotash
Hello all, it's hotash, blogging away for peace
I didn't realize just how many ONE million is
It's a lot !!!!

So, we're out there inviting away, loving what you're bringing us and looking forward to more, more, more char-peace :)

Expect an increase in our blogging power now that we are blogging in Pacific & Mountain time!!!

Thanks for all of YOUR PEACE

hope to see you in the group One Million Peace Signs

In the meantime enjoy some of my favorites

1. twentynine/threesixtyfive "PEACE", 2. PEACE, 3. give, 4. War and Peace, 5. tranquility., 6. Peace..., 7. DENMARK ANTIWAR IRAQ, 8. Peace in the Vatican, 9. peace ..., 10. a little peace, 11. Colour and Peace, 12. Peace on Earth..., 13. peace

please visit for all the happenings

Mosaic created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Peace is a balanced meal

Peacescooter is one of those people who sees Peace everywhere she goes, and if it isn't there, well, she'll make it! You'll see Peacescooter Pix all over the blog and the website, and we're working on getting her a "peace" on the stay tuned!
Peace Alix!

PEACE from Ron Kovick

Ron Kovick, originally uploaded by NoHoDamon.

We welcome NoHoDamon and his fine Peace Pix to One Million Peace Signs!

Wow...what is there to add to this one? It kinda says it all...THANKS for that :)

We pass it on back to you!

zoey et al


PEACE SIGN, originally uploaded by rock2rye.

This is from Rye, our Language Guy...and maybe this even IS Rye our Language Guy...or at least his fingers! We like it...the angle, the 'umph" behind it, the contrast and depth...and the Peace of it ...always the Peace of it :)
From Rye...who's always Passing it on...check him out on the OMPS flickr Group Discussions :)
Peace Rye!!!

Faslane, Glasgow

Faslane, Glasgow, originally uploaded by bob the bolder.

bob the bolder sent this pic in of the PAD group. It was taken on 13 Dec., 2006...we're glad to get Peaced from Glasgow! Thanks bob!


PEACE, originally uploaded by jill1119.

"She says this one is for rosie."
That's from jill1119.

We don't know the story behind the rosie references--we just totally dig this grin and the painted peace fingers! Peace back to you, and I have paint on MY fingers too!

Brent sliced his thumb but is peaceful anyway

We just thought Brent looked a bit like the guy that we just blogged, so we're putting him up here for all to see.

The thumb is worse now. Brent is still as peaceful, but anybody wanna buy a Meat Processing Business? (Bison is the specialty, but we try to keep that from the cowboys...)

Taken at the Shamrock Saloon live blog last Friday


V!!! + PEACE! *271/365*

V!!! + PEACE! *271/365*, originally uploaded by amnesiak1978™.

This just in from amnesiak1978:
"Una piccola vittoria a lavoro!
Sono piccole soddisfazioni ma sono sempre soddisfazioni, no??!!!?
Da molti non-italiani la mia foto è stata interpretata come simbolo della pace, e siccome sono un pacifista questa foto d'ora in poi avrà doppio senso.Anche quello pacifista!!


From us, just now: Yeah, what he said!


NOW, originally uploaded by juliessister.

Hey, it's Peace on a Barn again!! this a possible theme?

We think it's fantastic advertising for a much-needed product :) It comes in assorted colors, shapes and sizes and you can never have too much...

zoey et al

Big C & Kate

Big C & Kate, originally uploaded by boofon.

boofon opens up our Wednesday am's Peace x three (two people, three hands) and a couple o'great pearly-white smiles, no touch-up needed:)

We welcome them and we start passing it on...


Feb 5, 2008

03/22/03 I'm not alone

from paulinacha:
I was in a hurry when I made this sign. I had just gotten off work, if I recall. Kiff had to work that day and was unable to make it to the protest. Note that my sign and the other sign have the same message. Taken at the bandstand in Battery Park, in Burlington, Vermont, during the protest to the U.S. being in Iraq after Shock and Awe.

from zoey:
Ending Super Tuesday with this pic...asking for peace...and using "please" too :) May we all have our little worlds and in our big worlds, and may we pass it on and pass it out and swim in it and run thru it and wiggle our toes in it and drink it and laugh it and share it and watch it spread and flow...and then may we get up and do it all again!

PEACE to everyone reading this!


coryne.peace., originally uploaded by samjeet!.

Hi Coryne C.the model!
Hi samjeet the photog!
Runtscal found you...hi runtscal :)
Zoey has finished her pasta and is blogging you...hi from zoey to all...and Peace :)

Well, we've hit 4,000 photos, and then some. A huge thanks to all the folks that I have not had a chance to personally greet and thank and welcome!! The project gets bigger every single day, and my time seems to get smaller!! But I DO thank you! We ALL do! Here at the ranch, and all our Peace CA, TX, FL, Philipines, UK, VA, ME...I guess I could list every state and way more countries than I did...if I didn't list yours I apologize!!! We are in awe of all of you, and each of you...and amazed...and inspired! THANK YOU...take that and peace it on!!!


Ashura, originally uploaded by Aleksander Bochenek.

From Aleksander Bochenek:
Day of Ashura
Nabatiyeh, southern Lebanon 2008

From us,"peace!"

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005, originally uploaded by ljpizzo.

lipizzo! This is photo OMPS #4,000!
She says:
"I realized i forgot to post these pictures... this was Halloween I was a hippie, Roxanne was a rock star"

We says: Well, you remembered just in time to be OMPS photo number 4,000!
Yep...6 less than that, and we hit 4,000.

THANK YOU lipizzo! And THANK YOU toall 3,999 photos that came before too!

This is a phenomenon....we are all part of it :) The Peace Phenomenon! ONE MILLION here we come!!!
(smiling, and waitin' on some pasta...)

Peace barn

Peace barn, originally uploaded by RedHeadMamma.

RedHeadMamma says:

Passed this barn may times and finally got a photo today! It's so cool!

We says:

It is cool! Peace can be big and it can be on a barn and make people smile when they drive by it!
Thanks for sharing!!

Hippie chick

Hippie chick, originally uploaded by laura e.

From laura e:
Maxine in her flower child get-up for last weekend's Halloween party. She's so sparkly!

From Us:

Beautiful! Peace is Beautiful! And Peace is sparkly too...:)


V is for World Peace...

From paulinacha, Queen of Procrastination:
"I wished that I had a slinky black dress to wear my one of my favorite necklaces with, but all I have is this slinky nightie. Well, it's not even that slinky, but I love it!

The necklace came from my brother and his wife in Alaska.

I sure do miss our houseplants! They don't seem to grow well at this place in New Mexico at all. It's a question of light, I think, and maybe humidity or lack thereof."

From Us: THANKs and welcome! paulinacha may be a procrastinator, but she didn't waste a second inviting her contacts to OMPS :) There I was, out pumping for peace, and I came across her enthusiastic, energetic...we have another Peace Pusher folks!!!


Cheerleader Hair

Cheerleader Hair, originally uploaded by Tiny Dancer Em.

Tiny Em has fun Peacing down the aisles at WalMart !

Peace can be Fun!

Em...are those teeth on your shirt, wearing hats and scarves?

Peace is in the movies!

spy_who_came_in-080204b, originally uploaded by beachblogger42.

Peace in the movies! There's a discussion on this in the flickr OMPS group...should we add this movie as a Peace Movie ?

beachblogger42 found Peace in the movies and says:
"I was watching this movie and saw these peace symbols.

The Spy Who Came In From the Cold is a great movie from 1965. The story is from a book written by John la Carre in 1963.

la Carre wrote an indictment of President Bush in 2003: America's Madness"

peace and cube

peace and cube, originally uploaded by nicouze.

Hey, this is Baby Peace Van Peace!

Peace can be cute :)

zoey et al

VW Peace Van

VW Peace Van, originally uploaded by yblwinfl.

This peace pic sent in by yblwinfl is making Clark all nostalgic...he used to have one of these and rues the day he ever let it go...he tells us stories about it...Tales of the Hood kind of thing...and his eyes get all glassy when he reminisces...remembers...he watched 'Little Miss Sunshine" just to see the old VW van...

Anyway...Peace! The kind you can drive!

zoey et al

peace baby

peace baby, originally uploaded by talkingplant.

It'a baby peace!!!

Let's see what we can do about making it happen in this baby's life ...

zoey et al

Peace Out

Peace Out, originally uploaded by keitheddleman.

keitheddleman explains:

"Taken in a simple home set up with 1 lightbox and a speedlight on the background.
I'm looking to help photographers get tons of exposure. Visit and become a contributor.."

We boast:
Welcome to the project Keith! We put a thumbnail on too...we're averaging 3,100 hits EVERY DAY between the blog and the website (most on the website, what's that about?)...hope this great peace pic gets you equally great "exposure" ! (Aw...what's the day good for if you can't get in at least one bad camera pun?)

Anyone got any good Peace Puns?

peaceful family

peaceful family, originally uploaded by ktdl03.

From ktdl03:
"whay can I say? i was raised by true hippies!
this is my dad, sister and mom all supporting Kelly w/our tshirts. She was questioned about her t-shirt (not nicely). her response..."would you rather i wear a shirt that says "war" "blood" "Guns" or "terror"? Well said Kel!

Not only does this promote PEACE, but my parents-on left and right of my sister and I, have been divorced for 26 years. We are pictured here on our annual family vacation in NC. All of us-together for the sake of the kids and grandkids...Now, that's PEACE!"

From Us: Makes sense to us...Peace within, Peace within Families, Peace within Families between States and Countries and Continents...anyone wanna go for Peace Within Universes, or Galaxies or something? Heck...we'll go for that too!
THANKS for adding this to the project! And welcome to the Peace Family!!!


Peace collage by Kimbina

collage1, originally uploaded by Kimbina.

Says Kimbina:
I'm a technical writer by day and crafter by night. I love color! I've been into sewing, photography, polymer clay, beading, and all kinds of crafts for several years. I have two Etsy shops:

And my own website:

Please check it out and say hi. Thanks for visiting. :)

Says we: Maybe you should dump your Day do great stuff! Hope you'll stay tuned, and add some work to the Peace Sells page on when it's ready!
Zoey et al

Red Shirt for Burma Peace

233, originally uploaded by jamesmellor.

says jamesmellor: 233 -Sept 28 - A red shirt for Burma.

we just liked the faces...and the double-whammy peace too, of course...we know that Peace is more than skin deep :)

We two-finger salute you back for Burma and for everyone!

(who is wearing red sox)


#183, originally uploaded by you-did.

from you-did:
one last peace before i go to work. Prepared for all the guys punching my ass, serve hundreds of beers and tiredness.
There we go.

What you-did likes:
Other things i like are my four slices of bread in the morning with chocolate sprinkles on it, NICE art (not like Rembrandt and Van Gogh), webdesign, playing guitar and shopping!

We like you-did! Welcome to the project...and PEACE!
zoey et al


PEACE SIGN, originally uploaded by rock2rye.


Did I do that right Rye?

Somehow Rye manages to take and post great Peace Photos AND get the discussions going AND teach us different ways to say "Peace" AND keep us all he does it we don't know, but we're glad he does!

It's Tuesday am here in Wyoming...let's see what we can make of the day :)

Feb 4, 2008

Peace and love

Who ARE you Second Life The Charlie's Angels group?!?!

Your photo stream is great...what does all this mean tho? Are we really so completely out of touch that we've missed entire cultural phases of the universe?

Well...whatever...we LIKE yer stuff!

Salt Lake in Central Turkey

Salt Lake in Central Turkey, originally uploaded by guideali.

Gang, I am am signing off with this for your reading and learning pleasure....and Peaceful Dreams to all!

From guideali:
Tuz Golu in Turkish, is a saline lake occupying a huge area in the arid central plateau of Turkey, about 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Konya, neighboring also Nigde and Ankara provinces. It's the second largest lake of Turkey, after Lake Van, lying at an elevation of 2,970 feet (905 m) as a tectonic lake. Despite it's huge area (580 sq miles or 1500 sq kilometers) for most of the year is very shallow (between 0,5-1 meters), especially during dry summer months when the water evaporates in huge quantities leaving a tick crust of salt on the surface up to 30 centimeters. This salt is extracted, worked, refined and sold in the local market, thus making this the biggest industry for small towns' economy in the area. It's not only the biggest salt lake of Turkey but one of the biggest in the world as well. The density of the water is 1.225 gr/cm3, and salt percentage is 32.4%. The lake has no outlet, and only few surface streams feed it but they dry in the summer when the climate is hot. Rainfall in the surrounding area is as low as 10 inches (250 mm) per year. There are also many small lakes around the Tuz Golu; Kulu Lake, Samsam Lake, Uyuz Lake, Kozanli Saz Lake, Boluk Lake, Tersakan Lake, Esmekaya Lake and Hirfanli Dam Lake.

Lately Salt Lake is in great danger because of industrial pollution and wrong usage of under and over ground waters. This is threatening the lake itself but also flora and fauna of the area, which will definitely have a negative effect on the local inhabitants around the lake. Therefore WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) of Turkey came up with Salt Lake Pilot Project which is currently supporting the Authority for the Specially Protected Areas (ASPA) in their responsibility to conserve and rehabilitate the unique ecosystems of Tuz Lake area. Together with ASPA (Ozel Cevre Koruma Kurumu in Turkish), the basis for an Integrated Conservation Management Plan for the south-western part of Tuz Lake will be developed. ASPA, the main Authority in Tuz Lake, is integrating their own study to the Tuz Lake Pilot Project in terms of specific activities, like hydrological modeling and stakeholders meetings, so as to achieve the common purpose; Tuz Lake Integrated Conservation Management Plan.

Some other important lakes of Turkey are; Van, Bafa, Beysehir, Aksehir, Egridir, Burdur, Iznik, Ulubat, Kus, Sapanca, Aci, Hazar, Yedigol, and many Dam lakes.

Cliché <3

Cliché , originally uploaded by JW ♣.

But I wanted to send out the message anyway! (And I like the picture.)
That's from JW (puppy dog feet playing cards symbol...)

We're glad you did!

Peace and welcome to the project!

zoey et al

Peace Beads

Peace Beads, originally uploaded by em fair.

Groovy Peace Bling!

If everyone wore some of this we really might get a handle on war...

zoey et al

Peaces of Pizza

Peaces of Pizza, originally uploaded by Paul McRae.

Paul says:
"It's Pizza for Peace.
At my birthday dinner."

We says:
We wish you a happy birthday...either belatedly or early...and mmmm that Peace-da looks yummy and it's getting to be what I wish was dinner time...

This one counts as Triple, two, three...pass it on!

Me eM -----Peace & Pigtails!

Hey all!
This is Em! If you keep up with the Discussions, you have an idea of who she is...or, if you've asked for flickr help she was probably the one on the Peace Team who articulated the steps the best...or, she may have invited you to add your pix to OMPS, or maybe you've seen her dancing somewhere ! She does that too...when she's not Peacing..or doing homework...let's see, what else do we know about Em? She has FIVE sisters...four older and one younger...and her mom is proud of her for a lot of reasons...and she jumped on board the OMPS project with both feet and all of her talents and well, you can find her all over the project and we're mighty glad about that!

We have a couple other Em Peace Pix to stay tuned!

THANKS for everything Em!

zoey et al

My Wish, Peace On Earth!!

My Wish, Peace On Earth!!, originally uploaded by swt snookie.

swt snookie says it as simply as this symbol does:

"I wish we could live in peace on this planet! This peace symbol was purchased in 1964 in underground Atlanta. I have kept it because of what it represents, PEACE!'

We love this...puchased in underground Atlanta...and still here in 2008 saying the same thing it was then! Wonder who made you remember buying it?

always wanting to know "the rest of the story"

Peace out!

Peace out!, originally uploaded by Got Picz?.

To this one we say: Peace is sometimes fuzzy...but the smiles in the background are beautifully clear :)

Keep passin' on the peace!

zoey et al

The Children of the World Sculpture

fishwickanne explains:
"There is a series of sculptures (7) designed by children in June 1988 (aged between 8 and 12 years) from 7 lands, symbolising friendship, hope, joy and working together. They came here and dreamed of peace, and created these sculptures dedicated to Peace on Earth. In 1988, they spent seven days at North Cape to carve the sculptures. A monument nearby entitled Mother and Child is by the sculptor Eva Rybakken."

Great photo we say! And what a super project...we remain inspired by all the peace that's out there...and all the Peace People doing their Peace Things!
Passin' it on...and on...
zoey et al


wws, originally uploaded by rnb_obsession.

That's "World Without Strangers" and we say YEAH!

The snow is making me a little mushy's falling gently, ok peacefully, and it'll sock us all in and everyone'll stay late and work and drink cocoa and brainstorm in front of the fire if the road "World Without Strangers" just seems possible right now :)

Thanks for the great load of pix rnb obsession...what's the story behind wws?

We'll pass it on....

world peace

world peace, originally uploaded by xtsea.

from xtsea: ulu watu, indonesia

from us:
Good Morning Monday! And it's gonna be a good one think...turned on the coffee, flipped on XM Radio and "Imagine" was, for you purist purists, it was not John Lennon belting it out, but Jack Johnson, who, laugh at me or not, I have a little music crush on...ok, a sort of medium music crush...his voice makes me smile :) So, to have him there, singing the opening words of "Imagine" as the ol' computer boots up and the coffee beans are doing their thing in the corner...well, THAT is a good Monday Morning!

We're starting it off with Peace in Four Parts, from indonesia. And we send it on back to you boys, with Jack Johnson still singing...


first one in, last one to leave

Feb 3, 2008

Wacky Little Sister Jen

Wacky Little Sister Jen, originally uploaded by Paul McRae.

"Marlena's little sister." says Paul McRae...

We're up late, so we're blogging the first Feb. 4 blog early, if that makes sense, and this one just pretty much captures the whacky mood I'm in so enjoy Wacky Little Sister Jen...someday she's gonna get you back for this Paul :) But tell her we all loved it!

No et al...everyone else has left the building...

Thats the Point!

"Las verdaderas diferencias en el mundo hoy no son entre judios y árabes;
protestantes y católicos; musulmanes, croatas y serbios. Las verdaderas diferencias se encuentran entre los que abrazan la paz y los que la quieren destrozar; entre los que miran hacia el futuro y los que se agarran al pasado, entre los que abren sus brazos y los que se empeñan en cerrar sus puños"

"The true differences in the world today are not between Arab judios and; protestants and catholics; Muslims, Croatians and Serbs. The true differences are between which they embrace La Paz and those that want it to destroy; between that they watch towards the future and those that they are taken hold to the past, between which they open his arms and those that insist on closing their fists"

"Hi Mom"

"Hi Mom", originally uploaded by hhsc_2000/Greg.

says hhsc w000/Greg:
"I wanted to take his picture, but didn't think he would be pleased. When he noticed me shooting the items through the skylight above him ( he called down to me "Hi Mom!".

I told him I was shooting the skylight but would be happy to take his picture too and he smiled and struck this pose..."

Says we: It must say something about human nature that the "Peace Pose' is so universal...and so readily struck when a camera is in range! Seriously...does that mean that maybe somehow we're all hard-wired for Peace? I'd cross my fingers, but I'm typing and then peacing...


peace, originally uploaded by w0wsid.


zoey et al

Peace Hat

Peace Hat, originally uploaded by i5prof.

Would you look at all the Red in this Peace Picture?
Love the hat...

Thanks for another great photo i5prof!

devastated by New England's loss...

Shellie Peace Out

Shellie Peace Out, originally uploaded by jfravel.

Photo taken during the Iowa vs Syracuse Football Game at Kinnick Stadium. Photo by Jon Fravel :)

And you probably thought we didn't even know that the big football game...the SUPER football game was on! It's one is tied to either team...much...and do you know this is the ONLY bloggable football picture in the OMPS pool?!?!?

We'll keep checking...if you have one, send it in before the fantastic Patriots whup the behinds of not-so-Giants :)
(I said no one was tied to either team MUCH...)

I got nachos on my keyboard...

portrait with diana+

It's a double peace sign with a smile! Thanks...Merci...and pax :)

Rye is getting us all multi-lingual !

peace man..

peace man.., originally uploaded by carlafida.

This is India says carlafida.
Hi India we say!
What's that on your thumbnail? :)

Peace to you India...we're trying!

Peace Man

Peace Man, originally uploaded by blarygake.

"Groovy! Far Out" says blarygake...

We agree...and totally dig the hippie blouse!


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!